Release 239

Release 239 was deployed to production on 23rd of July 2019.

Build 239.0.722.2

User Story 131330 Allow MyAPG users to switch from USL to CSL - one way only!

User Story 131331 APG Reports Create Report Options and Contracts offered Rejected

User Story 132825 Migrate Auto-assignment algorythm to Azure Functions

User Story 133178 Deploy eAPG to the new data center in Azure West Europe (Prod-WestEurope)

User Story 134905 eAPG Algorithm continuous feedback Part I

User Story 135716 eAPG: Add delete button to Create Location

User Story 136069 Always actual results for Tentative Interpreter page during loading

User Story 136952 Change all From emails (,, etc) to

User Story 137621 eAPG: Yearly Costing Request

User Story 137701 eAPG Pro problem: Import

User Story 137977 Some meetings cannot be edited in APG Pro

User Story 138475 APG Azure Functions - to add Auth based on Function-Key (need Azure subscription to be fixed)

User Story 138595 Review why PendingApproval meetings appear on import

User Story 138596 Review reports with sub-reports

User Story 138813 Discrepancies in number of meetings imported, duplicate meeting

User Story 138977 Prevent duplicate meetings in eMeets import

User Story 139202 The number of imported meetings larger than expected

User Story 139998 eAPG: Bug in report A001 Error message reported

User Story 140001 eAPG: Bug UNOG staff unable to create leave using APG

User Story 140326 Monitor Critical: "check notifications in apg - vienna-emeets-web-api" for "eMeets-Web-API"

User Story 140598 Error in console while opening Sessions>Create/Import