Release 199 (199.16.1220.2)

Following is the list of user stories for eAPG cleared on the QAT in scope of release 199 (Build: 199.16.1220.2):

63307 Bug: APG Pro session expires, rendering the system unusable
67952 Change Days field in Umoja Leaves Table to Decimal
71174 make sure all uploads to DocRep in APG have an "APG"-tag
71891 In APG PRO, when enacting a Snapshot, reflect the actual Staff availability
72262 BUG: Check functionality for transferring Freelancer to Staff and backwards
72368 BUG: index number is not displayed properly in MyAPG
72534 Change sender number for Clickatell for Vienna location
72538 Include Index number in Umoja leave report
72654 On Appointments creation, only show 4 duty stations + Bangkok
73314 Use app version number for .js files

All planned tests have been completed and there are no critical issues that prevent a roll-out to UAT environments of all duty stations as well as iCMS production environment for UNOV, UNON, UNOG and UNHQ.

Unresolved critical issues - NONE

There are no blocking or critical bugs pending correction