Release 198 (198.16.1202.3)

Following is the list of user stories for eAPG cleared on the QAT in scope of release 198 (Build: 198.16.1202.3):

68554 Improve outgoing logging of SMS messages in successful and exception cases
69724 Sign Interpreters Functionality
69966 Make Umoja Leaves report visible for all Duty Stations
69967 Update Notifications for Distribution Schedule
70042 BUG: Popup on network issue on Distribute Schedule notifications
72635 BUG: Meeting Import is not working
72832 BUG: Reports A004 and A008 cannot be generated

All planned tests have been completed and there are no critical issues that prevent a roll-out to UAT environments of all duty stations as well as iCMS production environment for UNOV, UNON, UNOG and UNHQ.

Unresolved critical issues - NONE

There are no blocking or critical bugs pending correction